Portfolio: Professional & Executive Training

Examples of professional and executive training programs that have been designed and delivered by Dorothy J. Della Noce:

Merlijn Groep, The Netherlands 

Introduction to transformative mediation

Principles of autonomy and connection in mediation practice

Netherlands Institute for Psychologists, Section of Mediation

Client autonomy as a discursive practice

Northern Virginia Mediation Service. Fairfax, VA

Basic mediation skills training

Family mediation practice

Mediation role-play intensive program

Orientation to the Virginia Judicial System

Transformative mediation theory and practice

United States Postal Service REDRESS™ EEO Mediation Program. Nationwide

Basic introduction to transformative mediation for staff and supervisors

Management training in mediation theory and practice

Blue Ribbon training for experienced mediators

Train-the-trainer programs

Transformative mediation training for mediators

Advocacy training for USPS attorneys

Mediator assessment training

Montgomery County Mediation Center. Norristown, PA

Transformative mediation theory and practice

Family mediation practice

Microfocus: Advanced communication skills for mediation

Lehigh University.  Bethlehem, PA

Introduction to mediation for faculty and staff

Dayton Mediation Center. Dayton, OH

Microfocus: Advanced communication skills for transformative mediation

Ohio Supreme Court. Columbus, OH

Transformative mediation training for court-connected mediators

Mediation theory and practice for judges and court staff

Communication Research Associates. Valley Forge, PA

Strategic communication for executives/attorneys in financial corporations

Presentation skills training for attorneys in financial corporations

Executive communication coaching

New Zealand Ministry of Housing. Wellington, NZ

National mediation training for Tenancy Department mediators

New Zealand Association of Mediators. Auckland, NZ

Transformative mediation training

Virginia Department of Consumer Affairs. Richmond, VA

Basic mediation training

Richmond Dispute Resolution Center. Richmond, VA

Basic mediation skills training; Family mediation practice

Advanced mediation practice

Orientation to the Virginia Judicial System

Workplace negotiation, influence, and conflict resolution skills

Philadelphia Bar Association CLE Program. Philadelphia, PA

Child custody mediation

Virginia Library Association Annual Conference. Williamsburg, VA

Pre-conference training: Techniques for resolving conflicts

Virginia Department for the Aging.

Mediation, communication and conflict resolution for ombudsmen

Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services.

Negotiation and influencing skills

Virginia State Bar CLE Program.

Effective negotiation skills for women lawyers