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Kader: Countering Hate Speech

Wise words on countering hate speech from a recent article by Professor David Kader (2015):

We know, we understand the consequence of the use of sticks and stones on our bones; and I believe we appreciate the hurt/harm that words can inflict on individuals and ultimately on society. In turn, we prohibit the former, but here in this nation that celebrates liberty we refuse to regulate the latter. If that remains the status quo, and maybe it should, we need words of consolation, of empathy, of tolerance and truth to exceed or at least match words of hate. We need an ethics of speech as much if not more than the law on hate speech.

Kader, D. (2015, Sept). Sticks and stones: The role of law in the dynamics of hate. Crosscurrents, 65(3), 297-301. DOI: 10.1111/cros.12139

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