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Millennials and Empathy

Ahh, nothing like beginning a Monday morning with a note of optimism!  Tanenhaus (2014) offered a profile of millennials in The New York Times, in which he highlighted that empathy was a core value of this generation.  As he noted,

Taken together, these habits and tastes look less like narcissism than communalism. And its highest value isn’t self-promotion, but its opposite, empathy — an open-minded and -hearted connection to others. …

Empathy was a theme sounded repeatedly by some of the millennials photographed for this article, and interviewed in an online slide show that accompanies it.

I look forward to seeing what society and public policy can become when (and if) a new generation of leaders moves empathy toward center stage.

Tanenhaus, S. (2014, August 15). Generation nice. The New York Times. Retrieved from

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