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Teleseminar on Conflict Coaching Led by Dorothy Della Noce

On October 12, 2012, at noon Eastern time, Dorothy Della Noce will be leading an hour long teleseminar, sponsored by the Conflict Coaching Committee/Work Place Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution:

Coaching: What Does it Mean to “Help” with Conflict Interaction?

In this teleconference, participants will explore two important questions for coaching practitioners – (1) What is the coach helping the client with? and (2) How can the coach help? – through the lens of conflict transformation theory. Conflict transformation theory is a useful approach to conflict coaching because it offers a well-articulated model of conflict, conflict dynamics, the motivations of people in conflict, and the concrete processes of conflict transformation. Thus, it provides a coaching practitioner with a cohesive framework for understanding the client’s experience of conflict, what makes it a negative experience, and how it can be transformed into a positive experience.