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Forthcoming Publication on Mediator Style Research

The winter 2012 issue of Negotiation and Conflict Management Research (NCMR) will be a special issue on Research on Mediator Style edited by Ken Kressel and James Wall. NCMR is published by the International Association for Conflict Management.

The primary goal of the Special Issue is to provide impetus and direction for mediation researchers, particularly those interested in practice-relevant research, by summarizing what is currently known about mediator style and focusing attention on important issues that will advance the empirical agenda. The issue will include research articles by Lorig Charkoudian, Lisa Bingham, and Patrick McDermott, along with commentary by Dean Pruitt, Dorothy Della Noce, and the editors.

My article is entitled, “Mediator Style and the Question of  ‘Good’ Mediation Practice: The Importance of Mediator Goals and Values.” In it, I examine how mediator goals and values have been largely overlooked in the research and discussions on mediator style, and consider the implications.